Stitch Pink - Sweet Meadow

Sweet Meadow


October is breast cancer awareness month, and Moda has created Stitch Pink to help. Our families have been personally touched by breast cancer, as have so many of you.  For more than twenty years, health organizations around the world have come together for October to campaign for increased awareness of breast cancer.

While we remind each other of the importance of mammograms and early detection, we can also do a little bit of stitching together. From my embroidery love, I created Sweet Meadow, a free pattern, to share with you. I hope you will stitch along with me. 

To participate in the Moda Stitch Pink Sampler quilt, please visit Moda's blog.


The original release of our Sweet Meadow stitchery had a size error that we missed.  The drawing is scaled larger than it should have been.  If you’ve already started your embroidery or prefer a larger size (8” x 10” embroidery), we’ve updated the cutting instructions for the borders for you. Click here for the 8" x 10" embroidery pattern.

If you prefer the smaller version (6” x 8” embroidery), then please re-print this updated version for your files. Click here for the 6" x 8" embroidery pattern.

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  1. Bella 9900-120 Betty's Pink

    Bella, Betty's Pink, 9900-120


    Bella, Betty's Pink, 9900-120 100% cotton yardage. 42" wide. Learn More

  2. Bella, 9900 200 Off White

    Bella, Off White, 9900-200


    Bella, Off White, 9900-200 100% cotton yardage. 42" wide.  .

    Learn More
  3. Daybreak Blush 44247 12

    Daybreak Blush 44247 12 Three Sisters


    Daybreak Blush 44247 12 Three Sisters Learn More
  4. Daybreak Dewdrop 44246 15

    Daybreak Dewdrop 44246 15 Three Sisters


    Daybreak Dewdrop 44246 15 Three Sisters Learn More
  5. Moda Cuddle Cloth White Flannel

    Moda Flannel, Cuddle Cloth White


    This is the flannel I used in Sweet Meadow for batting. 44" to 45" wide. 100% cotton. Learn More
  6. Tulip Applique Needles #10 Big Eye

    Needles, Tulip Embroidery Needles Size 8


    Eight #8 embroidery needles from Tulip. Learn More
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