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  1.  Pressing Tool

    Applique and Pressing Tool


    Applique and pressing tool from P3 Designs. Learn More
  2. Applique Starter Kit

    Applique Starter Kit


    Our starter kit contains:

    • 25 sheets of CutRite Heavy Duty Freezer Paper
    • 2 oz. bottle of Roxanne Glue-Baste-It
    • Tulip Applique pins
    • 1 stencil brush for applying your spray starch
    • 1 6oz bottle Best Press Sizing
    • Applique Stilleto
    • One package John James Applique Needles, Size 10
    Learn More
  3. Stencil Brush

    Applique Stencil Brush


    3/8" Applique Stencil Brush Learn More
  4. Applique Stiletto

    Applique Stiletto


    A must for spray starch applique, you will love this applique stiletto. From P3Designs. Learn More
  5. Best Press

    Best Press Spray Starch Scent Free


    Best Press Spray Starch Scent Free 6oz bottle. Perfect size for retreats and classes. Learn More
  6. Clover Craft Iron

    Clover Craft Iron


    My favorite iron for applique work. Wedge tip and solid bottom with a teflon soleplate. Learn More
  7. Clover Hera Marker

    Clover Hera Marker


    Easy to handle tracing spatula. Allows you to place pressure when marking on fabric. Perfect for quilting and sewing. Learn More
  8. Clover iron-on transfer pencil

    Clover Iron On Transfer Pencil Red


    Transfer your designs easily with the help of Iron-on transfer pencils. Learn More
  9. Clover Water Soluble Marker Fine

    Clover Water Soluble Marker Fine


    Mark and sew! Markings can be quickly removed with water. Good for marking fine lines on fabric. Blue marker. Clove eraser pen works really well to remove marks. I use this water-soluble marker first and then when I'm ready to erase,, I use the Clover Eraser Pen. Learn More
  10. Clover Water Soluble Pencil

    Clover Water Soluble Pencil White


    This water-soluble pencil is easily wiped off with water. This pencil is suited for precise marking on all your fabric projects. It is very useful for marking when you sew, stitch and quilt. Learn More
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