Cottontail Cottage

Cottontail Cottage UpdateCottontail Cottage

Update for patterns or kits purchased prior to March 1, 2018

Outer Border

Page 5 Cutting Directions

Cottontail White-Country Red Charms (Outer Border—for directional print's orientation)

  • Fussy Cut (2) 5½˝ × 57½˝ strips length of fabric for side outer borders.
  • From the remaining width of fabric fussy cut (4) 5½˝ × 28˝ strips for the top and bottom outer borders. The remaining fabric will be used for the backgrounds in your blocks. 

Page 16 Outer Border Assembly

  • Sew the two 5½˝ × 57½˝ side borders to sides of quilt. Press seams towards border.
  • Sew (2) 5½˝ × 28˝ fabric strips together end to end. Repeat with remaining (2) 5½˝ × 28˝ strips.
  • From each pieced strip cut (1) 5½˝ × 49½˝ for the top and bottom borders.
  • Sew a 5½˝ corner square to each end of top and bottom borders. Press seams towards border.
  • Sew top and bottom borders to quilt. Press seams towards border.

Click here for a PDF to replace pages 5 & 16 of your pattern. A Cutting Diagram is also included.

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